Topic 1: Geography Skills

(21C) Skills. organize and interpret information from visuals, including maps
(21H) Skills. use appropriate mathematical skills to interpret social studies information such as maps and graphs
(22A) Skills. use social studies terminology correctly

Monday 8/25
Learning OBJ: SWBAT build rapport with Coach Rodriguez and go over class syllabus.
Activity: Get to know you builders
Assessment: Syllabus due tomorrow 8/26

Tuesday 8/26
Learning OBJ: SWBAT to review classroom expectations and identify direction concepts.
Activity: Direction W/s
Assessment: Hand Symbols

Wednesday 8/27
Learning OBJ: SWBAT identify key mapping concepts and explain why mapping directions are important.
Activity: Mapping SKills Chart
Assessment: Mapping Skills Chart

Thursday 8/28
Learning OBJ: SWBAT examine key components of latitude and longitudue.
Activity: Lat/Long WS
Assessment: Hand Symbols

Friday 8/29
Learning OBJ: SWBAT review key elements of classroom expecations and latitude and longitude.
Activity: Lat/Long WS
Assessment: Lat/Long WS