Physics Assignments


1st Six Weeks

Work Due

Work Assigned

Aug 27
-Receive textbooks

-Sign up for UT Homework Service (click here for instructions)

-Fill out Personal Info Sheet

-Course Overview

-Personal Info Sheet

-Book Damage Form

-UTHW agreement


-Fill out personal info sheet, get signed

-Get UTHW agreement signed

-Cover book

Send e-mail to Mr. Gehman


Aug 29

-Discuss Course O'view

-Discuss 1st 6wks project

-Organize into groups

-Intro 1-D kinematics

-Start lab: Graph-Matching

-1st 6wks project

-UTHW instructions WS

-Graphical Analysis

-1st 6wks schedule

-Personal Info Sheet

-Signed HW agreement

-Send e-mail

-Register for this class on UTHW

-Do UTHW instructions WS

-Print out UTHW student instructions

-Do Graphical Analysis II

-Print out HW1

Aug 31

-Intro class website

-Go over UTHW service; do #1 on HW1 together

-Continue graph matching lab


-UTHW instruction WS

-Graphical Analysis II

-Printed out student instructions & HW1

-Finish lab thru part 2 analysis (see above for copy of lab)

-Do Graphical Analysis I

-Finish HW1 online

Sep 5

(substitute teacher)

-Do Physlet packet on computer

-Do Phyzjob WS

-Physlet packet

-Phyzjob WS

-Graphical Analysis WS


-Work on 6wks project
Sep 7

(substitute teacher)

-Watch physics video, take notes

    -Finish 6wks project
Sep 11 -Finish Graph Matching Lab   6wks project -Correct Phyzjob WS
Sep 13

-Grade Phyzjob WS

-Intro Mr. Gehman

-Lecture 1-D Kinematics

-Do practice probs

-1-D Kinematics Class Notes -Phyzjob WS

-Print out HW2 online

-On HW2, do #1, 4-7 and submit online!

Sep 17

-Go over graded lab (Graph Matching)

-Lecture acceleration

-Do practice probs

-Phyzjob II WS

-HW2 printout

-#1, 4-7 online

-Do #8-13 on HW2 & submit online

-Do Phyzjob II, #1-7, 10-11

Sep 19

-Do Physlet Probs

-Do "Acceleration" WS, #1-3

-Go over Phyzjob II, p.1

-Acceleration WS

-Little Dudes III WS

-Phyzjob II, p. 1

-#8-13 online

-Do Little Dudes WS

-Finish Phyzjob II WS and correct (click here for answers)

-Finish #1-3 on Acceleration WS

Quiz on Friday, September 21st
Sep 20

-Check Little Dudes WS

-Take 2-D quiz

-Lecture free fall

-C.D. 2-1


-Little Dudes WS-

-Phyzjob II WS

-#1-3 on Accel WS

-Do #14-15 on Accel WS

-Do. C.D. 2-1

Sep 25

-Go over #15 on HW

-Lecture free fall

-Start C.D. 2-2

-Get back quiz, discuss correction format

-C.D. 2-2

-Free Fall Notes

-C.D. 2-1

-#14,15 on Accel WS

-Do C.D. 2-2

-Correct quiz

Sep 27

-Go over C.D. 2-2

-Finish Free Fall Lecture

-Do Free Fall practice exercises (#5 on Accel WS)

-Test review

-C.D. 2-2

-Quiz corrections

-Do #4,5,8,10 on Accel WS

-Finish HW2 online (due Sun at 10pm)

-Optional: do test review (click here for answers)

Chpt 3 Test on Monday, October 1st
Oct 1

-Discuss extra credit

-Take Chpt 2 test

  -Accel WS -Write why you failed HW2
Oct 3

-Do Galileo lab (click here for copy of lab)

-Get back test

-Check grade in class

-E.C. lab rubric, if necessary -HW2 failure ltr, if applicable -Finish Galileo lab
Oct 5

-Finish Galileo lab

-Do Concept Test for e.c. quiz points

  -Galileo Lab -None

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2nd Six Weeks

Work Due

Work Assigned


-Organize into new groups

-Take Benchmark test

-Do vectors activity

    -Do Vectors assignment online (click here for assignment)
Oct 12

-Lecture vector and do practice probs

-Start on HW

-2-D Kinematics class notes -None

-Do p.91, #1,2,4

-Do p.94, #1-7

Oct 16

-Lecture Projectile Motion

-Demo: marble launcher & Speed movie clip

-Start HW

-Class Notes Projectile Motion

-p.91, #1,2,4

-p.94, #1-7

-Do p.102, #1-4
Oct 18

(Substitute Teacher)

-Watch video lecture

-Do book work probs

-Start C.D. 3-1

-C.D. 3-1 p. 102, #1-4 p. 114-15, #30-34, 36
Oct 22

-Go over C.D. 3-1

-Do p.115, #36

-Lecture Proj Motion II

-do p. 104, #3

-6wks calendar

-C.D. 3-1

-p.114-15, #30-34, 36

-Do p. 104, #3

-Do p.115, #35

-Continue online HW3

-Prepare for quiz

Click here for directions on how to vote for Reece as most kissable baby!
Oct 24

-Finish Proj Motion lecture

-Demo marble launcher

-Take 2-D kinematics quiz

-2nd 6wks extra credit

-2-D kinematics test review (click here for answers)


-Continue HW4 (get done thru #16!)

-Start test review

Oct 26

-Get back quiz, start corrections

-Set up 2 online HW probs

-Do "Take Out Dora" lab

-"Take Out Dora" lab  

-Finish online HW

-Finish quiz corrections

-Prepare for test

Projectile Motion & Vectors Test on Tue, Oct 30th
Oct 30

-Take test

-Finish taking out Dora (proj. motion lab)

-Force Springboard

-quiz corrections

-Chpt 3 book work

-HW3 online

-Write conclusion to proj motion lab

-Do Forces springboard WS

Chpt 3 Test Corrections Due Nov 9th
Nov 1

-Do Forces Springboard, part 2

-Discuss the art of pumpkin carving

-Discuss Forces Springboard WS

-Get back test, discuss correction procedure

-Forces Springboard, part 2


-Dora lab

-Forces Springboard, part 1


-Do test corrections (due Nov 9th)

Nov 5

-Lecture/demo 1st & 2nd laws

-Practice adding forces (C.D. 3-2)

-Newton's Laws Class Notes

-C.D. 3-2

-A Day at the Races

-Projectile Motion WS


-Forces Springboard WS

-Finish C.D. 3-2

-Do Day at the Races WS

-Start Proj Motion WS (due 13 Nov)

-Finish test correct-ions (due Nov 9)

Nov 7

-Correct FBDs

-Lecture tension, weight

-Correct Day at the Races WS

-Do C.D. 4-2

-Lecture Newton's 3rd Law

C.D. 4-2

-N Laws Prob Solving WS

-Newton III

-C.D. 3-2

-A Day at the Races WS

-Do Newton III WS

-Finish C.D. 4-2

-Do FBDs on N Laws Prob Solving WS

-Read notes

Nov 9

-Do N Laws Prob Solving

-Do Concepts quiz for e.c.


-C.D. 4-2

-Newton III WS

-Do p.138, #1-5

-Do force diagram for horse & cart scenario

-Start online HW

-Finish Proj Motion WS

Newton's Laws/Projectile Motion Quiz on Tue, Nov 13th!
Nov 13

-Continue N Laws Prob Solving

-Take N Laws Quiz


-p.138, #1-5

-Force diagram for horse & cart

-Do p.151-53, #10, 12,20,21,25

-Continue HW4 online

Whole Foods Review on Thu, November 15th, 8-10 pm
Nov 15

-Finish N Laws Prob Solving WS

-Start quiz corrections

  -p.151-53, #10, 12,20,21,25

Finish online HW4-do #1-2, 14,15

-Quiz corrections due by end of day Fri

Nov 17

-Grade Newton III

-Finish 3rd law discussion

-Finish Chpt 4 book work


-(due at end of per): p. 138, #1-5; p. 151-53, #10,12,20,21,25 and 1-9,11,13,15,19


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3rd Six Weeks

Work Due

Work Assigned

Nov 26

-Organize into new groups

-Guided reading (pp.143-45) on friction

-Lecture friction

-Do Mu of Your Shoe activity

-Friction Prob Solving WS

-Forces & N Laws WS


-Do p.145, #1-3

-Do p.147, #1,4 (FBDs only)

-Do Forces & N Laws WS, #1-5

Nov 28

-Do example problem from PPoint presentation

-Do Friction prob solving WS

-Start HW

-C.D. 5-1

-3rd 6Wks schedule

-p.145, #1-3

-p.147, #1,4 (FBDs only)

-Forces & N Laws WS, #1-5

-Finish p.147, #1 and 4

-Do Forces & Newton's Laws WS, #6-15

-Do C.D. 5-1

Nov 30

-Go over p.147,#4

-Video clip: Moonraker (sky diving)

-Go over C.D.5-1

-Take Friction Quiz

-PhyzSpringboard: Circular Motion



-Forces&Newton's Laws, #6-15

-Do PhyzSpringboard WS

Start online HW5

Dec 4

-Go over HW (PhyzSpringboard Circular Motion)

-Do Circ Motion online simulation

-Lecture Circ. Motion

-Start HW

-Class Notes Circular Motion

-Circ Motion Prob Solving WS

-PhyzSpringboard: Circ Motion WS

-Do Circ Motion Prob Solving, #1-3,5

-Do p. 258, #1-2

-Do p.261, #1-3

-Do quiz corrections

Dec 6

-Finish Circ Motion Prob Solving

-Check Forces & N Laws WS answers

-Review for test

-N Laws test review

-Circ Motion Prob Solving, #1-3,5

-p. 258, #1-2

-p.261, #1-3

-quiz corrections

-Finish Forces & N. Laws WS (click here for answers)

-Finish online HW5

-Do N Laws test review (click here for answers)

Whole Foods Review, Thursday, Dec 6th, 8-10pm
Newton's Laws Test on Monday, December 10th
Dec 10

-Take Benchmark Test

-Take N Laws Test


-Book work for this unit

-Forces & N Laws WS

Dec 12

-Intro Gravitation

-Watch video

-Lecture gravitation

-Complete C.D. 13-2; start HW

-Get back test

-Gravitation class notes

-C.D. 13-2

-PhyzJob: Grav. Force

-Friction & Circular Motion bookwork

-Forces & Newton's Laws WS

-Read notes

-Do p.265, #1-3

-Do Phyzjob: Grav. Force


Dec 14

-Grade Phyzjob: Grav Force

-Check HW (bookwork)

-Set up Gravitations probs on Prob solving WS

-Do Prob Solving

-7 Fun Things to Do With ULG

-C.D. 13-3

-Phyzjob: Grav Force

-p. 265, #1-3

-Finish 7 Fun Things WS

-Do C.D. 13-3

-Prepare for quiz

Gravitation Quiz on Tuesday, Dec 18th
Dec 18

-Go over HW, review for quiz

-Discuss 6wks project

-Take quiz

  C.D. 13-3 -Work on project
Jan 4

-Intro to Work & Energy: watch Bill Nye video

-Energy transformations: Return of the King

-Lecture work & energy

-Start HW

-Get back quiz

-Work & Energy Class Notes

-PhysSpringboard: Intro to Work


-Start HW6

-Do Phyzboard WS

-Start quiz corrections

-Finish project

Jan 8

-Go over HW

-Lecture Work-KE Theorem, Energy Conservation

-Do practice problems

-Energy Cons Prob Solving WS

-Phyzboard WS

-Phases of Moon Project

-Finish Quiz corrections

-Do Energy Cons WS, #1,4,5

Jan 10

-Go over HW

-Continue Energy Conservation Prob Solving

-Do Roller Coaster Lab

-Roller Coaster Lab

-Energy Cons WS, #1, 4,5

-Quiz corrections

-Do Energy Cons WS, #3

-Continue HW 6 online

-Finish Roller Coaster Lab

Whole Foods Review on Thursday, Jan 10th, 8-10pm
Energy Test on Monday and Wednesday, Jan 14/16!
Jan 14

-Finish Energy Cons Prob Solving

-Do slide demo

-Take Energy Ind. Test

-Semester Final Review

-Energy Test review

-Roller Coaster Lab

-Finish roller coaster lab if not done

-Finish online HW6

-Optional: do energy test review (click here for answers)

-Prepare for Wed group test

Click here for Semester Final Review Answers
Jan 16

-Take Group Test

-See grade in class

-Turn in book/exemption form


-Roller Coaster Lab


-Study for final & bring book


-Bring exemption form & book


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4th Six Weeks

Work Due

Work Assigned

Jan 24

-Check out books

-Organize into new groups

-Discuss 6wks project

-Intro to Momentum (video)

-Do Collisions Activity

-4th 6wks schedule

-Collisions Activity

-Momentum Class Notes


-Read class notes, p. 135, 137-39

-Do p.209,#1-3

-Research Egg Drop contest

-Finish Collisions Activity, if necessary

Jan 28

-Discuss 6wks project (Egg Drop)

-Go over HW

-Intro Collisions Lab

-Do Collisions Lab

-Egg Drop Project


-Collisions Activity

-Do Collisions lab report (due Fri--see end of lab for comp-letion instructions)

-Start 6wks project

Jan 30

(Substitute was here and class was only 40 min long due to TAKS testing)

-Finish momentum video

-Complete C.D. 7-1

C.D. 7-1   -Collisions lab report
Feb 1

-Go over Collisions lab

-Lecture Momentum Conservation

-Do Practice Problems

-Equation Sheet

-Momentum Cons Problem Solving WS

-Collisions lab report

-Do p. 219, #1; p. 224,#1; p.226, #1; p. 229, #1

-Finish Mom. Cons. WS (back page)

-Finish Collisions lab if necessary

Feb 5

-Go over Momentum Cons. WS

-Lecture Impulse,

-Analyze movie clips

-Phyzspringboard WS -p. 219, #1; p. 224,#1; p.226, #1; p. 229, #1

-Mom. Cons. WS (back page)

-Collisions lab

--Do p.211, #1-4; p. 219, #2; p. 224,#2; p.226, #2; p. 229, #2

-Do Phyzspringboard WS

-Prepare for quz

Momentum Quiz on Thursday, February 7th
Feb 8

-Go over HW

-Check Impulse WS

-Take quiz

- -p.211, #1-4; p. 219, #2; p. 224,#2; p.226, #2; p. 229, #2

-Springboard Impulse

-Do Phyzjob Momentum WS

-Continue Egg Drop Project

Feb 11

-Grade Phyzjob WS

-Lecture: Impulse & Bouncing (dart gun demo)

-Do Energy & Momentum conservation problems


-Phyzjob Momentum WS

-Momentum book work

-Finish Egg Drop Project

-Continue online HW

Egg Drop Project due on Wednesday, February 13th!
Feb 13

-Conduct Egg Drop

-Reflect on Egg Drop--answer questions on board

-Do conceptual review for extra credit

-Momentum Test Review (Conceptual)

-Egg Drop Project

-Egg Drop reflections questions from board

-Do test review (click here for answers)

-Do quiz corrections

-Continue online HW

Momentum Test on Friday, February 15th
Feb 15

-Go over Momentum review

-Take test

  -Quiz corrections -Finish online HW
Feb 20

-Get back test

-Intro to Electricity

-Start Electricity Lab Sec 1

    -Correct test
Feb 22

-Finish Lab Sec 1

-Discuss Lab Sec 1

-Lab Sec 1 HW -Test corrections

-Finish Lab Sec 1 (click here for lab summary questions)

-Finish Lab Sec 1 HW

Feb 26

-Grade Lab Sec 1 HW

-Do Electrostatics Activity

-Start HW

-Electrostatics class notes

-Electrostatics Activity

-Phyzjob Charge

-C.D. 32-2

-Lab Sec 1

-HW Lab Sec 1

-Read class notes

-Do Phyzjob WS

-Do C.D. 32-2

Feb 28

-Take Pop Quiz

-Do Balloon simulation online

-Check HW

-Finish Electrostatics demos

-Do Coulomb's Law WS

-Phyzspringboard: Coulomb's Law

-Electrostatics WS

-Coulomb's Law Class Notes

-Phyzjob WS

-Do Electrostatics WS

-Do pp. 636, #1-4

-Read class notes

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5th Six Weeks

Work Due

Work Assigned

Mar 3

-Grade Electrostatics WS

-Go over Coulomb's law HW from textbook

-Lecture Superposition

-Superposition WS

-Ranking Scenarios

-p. 636, #1-4

-Electrostatics WS

-Complete Superposition WS

-Do Ranking Scenarios

Mar 5

(Period shortened due to TAKS testing)

-Take extra time to complete HW

-None -None

-Complete Superposition WS

-Do Ranking Scenarios

-Read notes for quiz

Mar 7

-Take pop quiz

-Go over pop quiz

-Check book work, do example problem

-Lecture Equilibrium and do practice problem


-Superposition WS

-Ranking Scenarios

-Do p. 639, #1

-Do p. 641,#1-3

-Do pp.654-55, #12, 22

Quiz over Coulomb's Law, Electrostatics, and the Lab on Tuesday, March 11th
Mar 11

-Go over Ranking Scenarios HW

-Go over book work

-Take quiz


-p. 639, #1

-p. 641,#1-3

-pp.654-55, #12, 22

-Do Ranking Scenarios (per 7 & 8 only)
Mar 13

-Go over Ranking Scenarios II

-Discuss 6wks project (click here for p.1 of handout and here for p.2)

-Get back quiz and start correcting in class

-6 wks schedule

-5th 6wks project

-Ranking Scenarios II

-6th per only: Ranking Scenarios II

Nothing is due on Mon when you get back but there's a lot to start on:

-6wks project

-quiz corrections

-online HW10

-Extra credit (see below)

Extra Credit: Nuclear Physics Class Notes (read pp. 443-457)
Mar 24

-Discuss extra credit

-Take Benchmark Test

-Start Lab Sec 2

-5th 6wks Extra Credit -None

-Do quiz corrections (due Fri)

-Work on online HW

-Do E.C. reading

Mar 26

-Discuss E.C. 6wks project, and Physics Day at 6 Flags

-Do Lab Sec 2


-Finish quiz corrections

-Continue online HW

-Work on 6wks project

Mar 28 -Finish Lab Sec 2 (do last part of lab as a class) -Lab Sec 2 HW -Quiz corrections

-Finish Lab Sec 2

-Do Lab Sec 2 HW

-Continue online HW

Apr 1st

-Go over Lab Sec 2 HW

-Do calculation review problem

-Do concept review for EC

-Electrostatics Test Review

-Lab Sec 2

-Lab Sec 2 HW

-Finish online HW

-Do test review (click here for answer)

Whole Foods Review on April 1st, 8-10pm

Electrostatics Test on April 3rd

(Covers 2 sets of class notes--Static Electricity and Coulomb's Law--plus the info from both labs)

Apr 3

-Review for test

-Take test

-Medical Release form for 6 Flags -online HW

-Get medical release form signed and NOTARIZED

-Bring $24 for 6 Flags ticket

-Work on 6wks project

-Do E.C. reading

Apr 7

-Get back tests

-Do TAKS review

-Start Lab Sec 3



-Get medical release form signed and NOTARIZED

-Bring $24 for 6 Flags ticket

-Work on 6wks project

Apr 9

-Do TAKS review

-Finish Lab Sec 3

-HW Lab Sec 3 -GPE/EPE WS

-Finish 6wks project

-Finish Lab Sec 3 (click here for summary)

-Do HW Lab Sec 3

-Get medical form notarized, bring $24


Apr 14

-Go over Lab Sec 3

-Run hovercraft

-Class Notes Electric Current

-Lab Sec 3

-HW Lab Sec 3

-6wks project

-Read pp. 340-342 in class notes
Apr 16

-Do Lab Sec 3 HW as group

-Take pop quiz over reading

-Lecture Electric Current and do practice problems

-Phyzjob -

-Do Phyzjob, p.1

-Do p.695, #1,3,5; p. 703, #1,3,5

-Read Electric Current class notes, pp. 343-end

Apr 18

-Do practice problem, check book HW

-Go over Phyzjob WS

-Take pop quiz

-Continue Elec Current lecture


-Phyzjob, p.1

-p.695, #1,3,5; p. 703, #1,3,5

-Do p.710,#1,4; p. 712,#1,2; p.717, #15,16,19

-Read p. 696-97, 702-07, 713

-Do Phyzjob, p.2

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6th Six Weeks

Work Due

Work Assigned

Apr 22

-Get new groups

-Check book HW, do example probs

-Do group pop quiz on reading, go over answers


-p.710,#1,4; p. 712,#1,2; p.717, #15,16,19

-Phyzjob, p.2

-Do p. 717, #21,24, 32,35,37,44,47,50, 52,53
Apr 24

-Go over HW

-Lecture Equivalent Resistance

-Do practice problems

-Ranking Scenarios -p. 717, #21,24, 32,35,37,44,47,50, 52,53

-Do Ranking Scenarios

-Do p.739, #1,2; p. 744, #2,3,4--must draw circuit diagrams for all problems for full credit

Apr 28

-Go over Ranking Scenarios

-Check book work

-Lecture combination circuits

-Do practice prob & start HW


-Ranking Scenarios

-p.739, #1,2; p. 744, #2,3,4

-Do p.739, #5,6; p. 745, #5,6; p.748, #1a,2a; p. 751, #1; must draw circuit diagrams for all problems for full credit
Apr 30

-Go over HW

-Continue practice with coal mine analogy

  -p.739, #5,6; p. 745, #5,6; p.748, #1a,2a; p. 751, #1;

-Do p. 755-56, #23, 24,25

-Start online HW


May 2

-Go over HW

-Continue practice with coal mine analogy

  -p. 755-56, #23, 24, 25

-Do online HW

-Prepare for quiz

-Bring 6 Flags form and $$!

May 7

-Review for quiz

-Take quiz


-Do online HW

-Bring 6 Flags form and $$!

May 9

-Do p. 757, #36

-Build #36 circuit in PhET simulation

-Learn how to use voltmeter, ammeter

-Lecture voltmeters, ammeters, fuses, and circuit breakers

-6 Flags stuff  

-Do quiz corrections

-Finish online HW

-Prepare for test

Whole Foods Review on Monday, May 12th, 8-10pm

Chpt 19-20 Test on Tuesday, May 13th
May 13 -Take test  

-Quiz corrections

-Online HW

May 15 -Prepare for 6 Flags

-6 Flags booklet

-6 Flags prep sheet


-Bring stuff for 6 Flags

-Do alternate assignment if not going to 6 Flags

May 19

-Go over 6 Flags experience

-Get back test, go over it

-Intro to Waves: people waves activity

-Start HW

-Waves class notes

-Making Waves WS


-Read notes

-Do Making Waves WS


May 21

-Go over HW

-Discuss Extra Credit

-Demo: slinky, springs, and what happens when waves collide

-Start HW

-Wave Superposition WS -Making Waves WS

-Do Wave Superposition WS

-Do p. 457, #1-4; p. 458, #1-5

May 23

-Go over Superposition WS

-Check book work

-Start online simulation (virtual ripple tank)

-Virtual Ripple Tank

-Wave Superposition WS

-p. 457, #1-4; p. 458, #1-5

-Finish Virtual Ripple Tank simulation

-Do p. 470-71, #30-44

May 28

-Go over HW

-Demo, watch video of standing waves

-Waves review

-Virtual Ripple Tank Simulation

-p. 470-71, #30-44

-Do Waves review (click here for answers)

-Bring book to to turn in

Extra Credit opportunities next week (May 27-30) after school, 3-4pm

Waves quiz on Friday, May 30th

Make-up Quiz/Test Day any day next week after school (May 27-30)

Here are the extra credit class notes on Harmonic Motion

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